Nee Thaanae En Ponvasantham

It has been long since I went for a movie on the first day and when I got a chance to watch one I was glad that it was NEPV at Satyam, thanks to Hari for the tickets. This guy GVM can make 10 more romantic movies and still come up with a good script for a romantic movie yet again. Having watched him portray how confused a girl can be in a relationship in VTV  I was wondering what could he do in his next flick, he has impressed coming up with a different approach to relationships in this one. 

I just loved the script for the way it was handled to convey the differences that a relationship can end up in, just because of the high intensity of love that a girl can have and because of the Ego a guy possess. The male ego was conveyed beautifully is a subtle way through the length of the movie. All along it has been the guys going through the pain of love in the screen and it was refreshing to see a girl's perceptive this time around. Samantha has given a commendable performance, one that we will cherish for sometime. I loved her performance in each and every scene of the movie more than her looks and I was damn impressed with her performance in the scene where she gets into her car with a heavy heart in the wee hours after having spent best times of her life with the one she loves.She has portrayed emotions just from her eyes and body language and words seem worthless.

Two other scenes where the director has worked his magic are, the one just before the interval and other is the argument the lead pair has at the Tsunami school sight. The scene just before the interval was a long one and done in a single shot without much camera movement. The lead pair has done a good job in such a long shot, though it would have been better with some close up shots to reveal the pain they go through. The next one at the school sight takes care of that though. The dialogues were so simple and realistic and as always there is lots of English involved and it suited the characters well. I was able to relate to the scene as I have used literally the very same words during an argument :) :) :) 

Nithya : "Varun, Are you asking me to find something for me to be occupied just because you need not feel guilty for not spending time with me :@"
Had a smile hearing this dialogue(not an exact one but something similar)

I guess GVM is damn intelligent to have few women assistants in his team and I am sure they would have helped him shaping up this script. For people complaining about how many times will the lead pair go away and get together yet gain , it can happen and it does happen and happens more in real life to our disliking.As far Santhanam is concerned he was put to use in an optimum level and has managed to get us laughing whenever he comes on the screen.

Coming to the looks of Samantha , she is just gorgeous all through. The nose ring and eye shades was a magical and we (I) can just keeping staring at her pic for 3 hours leave alone the movie :) Special appreciation to the director for continuing his trend of portraying his women with good intellectual brains starting from Reena to Nithya, instead of a charming chatterbox like in so many other movies. 

"Kala rasigan da Gautam...."

I wish I could watch the movie just as I watch Minnalae often, but that is not to be the case and the major reason for that is the pathetic BGM score by the so called Maestro. For all the respect (luv) GVM had for Ilaiyaraja , he has only managed to let him down , and he has let him down big time. Even the songs were not impressive in the movie and the director has failed in choosing the music director for this flick. Had it been ARR the movie would be in a whole different level and he would have got repeat audience for sure. The next big led down is the cinematography. I found it to lack continuity throughout the movie. Somehow the visuals didn't seem to stick to our minds and I found to hard to link the visuals. Too bad the director had to use three different cinematographers and I believe that has spoiled the visuals for him. The other thing that irked me was the voice of the father character. It was a complete mismatch to the Ravi and the audience having heard him before in many movies will find it difficult to connect to character. Having decided to have him to be the decisive factor for the climax of the movie, GVM could have gone with Ravi's original voice or even he himself could have done a far better job. In short GVM has go the execution completely wrong for this wonderful script. 

I personally just loved the movie to the core despite of all this crap .... You will or might feel like hugging your partner when you watch the movie, at least I felt like :) :)  I feel so sad that I will not be able to watch the movie again and I Hope he continues to stick to this genre in the future as well and get the execution right the next time around.


Mithra said...

Both NEP and NSP's Blog on it rocked :) i just loved the movie and i was able to come out with a happy smile and holding hands unlike VTV, which also was watched on first day - but came out with a heavy heart and a tearful eyes.. Gud GVM atleast left the heroine with hero unlike KK and VTV for the sake of tender hearts among the tamil audience :) Samantha - was all twinkling with love in her eyes and smile. Felt so happy to watch her. Though i somehow felt Jeeva was not doing justice.. could not see the same amount of luv in his eyes, like how it did in KK,V1000 or to some extent in VTV. i just fell in luv with the movie :) Many places where she - considers taking him to UK with her, wanting to do MBA with him, longing to go to Kozhikode along, coming back to his room hoping him to be there after she asked him to leave or waiting outside his house , the previous nite of his scheduled marriage.. it's all crazy but still real luv, no one has ever portrayed or will ever do in future.. If not the full movie, few scenes kept lingering and still is, even after days of watching it..

Nee said...


I agree to your views and your blog perhaps complete certain aspects i missed esp Ravi's voice was horrible.

Truly GVM is BIG UNCLE of Romance movies but somehow not just me many find this movie quite boring...

I think GVM shld stick to his USA/city subjects etc etc..reason is Mani ratnam dint change his style ie low lighting or single words just because critics wanted him to take his movie in full sunlight etc etc..

I am waiting for next GVM move but felt this movie was more for GVM fans..

Nagasaravana Perumal K I said...

@ Nee

Thnx dude ... u will be the only guy to comment on the blogs i write no matter after how long :) :) :)

I will go to his movie as long as the genre is romance anytime any day ...

I was dis-appointed with the execution of this movie ... imagine the same with ARR music it would hav been a tremendous success ...