Being Dad . . . ! ! !

The last time I wrote a blog it was just 2 months before my wedding. Now it is almost 2 years after my daughter's birth. I have always been skeptical about giving birth to a kid and after serious considerations and umpteen discussions with friends and family decided to go ahead with the process of becoming a parent. Most of the discussions resulted only in them making weird conclusions on me. I was not convinced but found it would be easier to have a kid than face problems without becoming a father in my family and even friends circle. It became a unavoidable question in all circles about having a kid and the pressure only worsened as days went by. I always thought its is only those house wives and pattis who brings the couples under humungous pressure, but to my surprise even the young educated guys did the same , but in a subtle way.

Honest confession, I have not been able to wrap my head around the fact that I have become a father. I always thought time will make everything right, but this has become an exception in my case. I have not been able to do what most parents do for their kids. I haven't called her the princess, haven't used her pic as my DP, haven't embossed her name in the vechicle etc etc. Most of all I havent not been able to love her un-conditonally which is what most people manage to do. My daughter brings about a smile in me too often than not even when I am frustrated. She makes me weak with her funny faces and witty actions. She turns my world into a nightware when she becomes ill. But still I find it difficult to give her the un-conditional love she deserves. May be I am the most self-centred person who could exists. I have lost my time with my wife for most part and it has only been a strained relationship after my daughter. We dont have time for each other and hardly get to speak like we did before.

Being Dad has not been easy for me. What has made it worse for me in my wife accepting the change with at most ease. I am pretty sure I am alone in this experience. Most of my friends seem to enjoy having kids and in fact have gone on to have a second one which is beyond my imagination. We need a great responsibility and make a huge sacrifice to have kids. I am certainly not the right person for that :)

Regrets ...

Life is full of compromises. This is something I have heard many say, when they argue about sutaining a relationship. It is a known fact that no relationship is perfect and we do have to make adjustments to sustain one, but how much is too much ???? That's the million dollar question in most people's mind,

I happen to watch a famous chat show in a private channel recently, where they had people supporting breakup/divorcee on one side and the opposite on the other side. Funny fact is few divorces had the most cheap and mean reasons behind it, like disputes that raised while naming the kid, decision on which religion to be followed by the kid in case of a inter-catse marriage. But the alarming fact was the reason given by the people who were on the opposing side. The most popular reason given was they had to live together because they had kids. Agreed it is one of the important factor that influences the couple to work out the differences and be together but can that be the only reason for a couple to be together ! ! ! Personally I would say NO. Two people should stay together only when they want to spend their lives together in peace and harmony. Infact staying toggether wheh they dont want will only ruin the kid's life instead of having any positive influence on them.

I find too many people these days stuck in a marriage just because they have got kids out of it. They no longer love each other and to them , the kid is the whole world. Forget loving , they don't even respect each other and stay together just to raise the kid and in the process ruin their own lives. The expectation they have on the kid is too high that they want the kid to make up for all that is lost in their personal lives and this leads to possesiveness and later to obsession. To me personally it is always better to end a relationship than to sustain it just for the sake of it. But that does not mean we should ignore a friend just becoz they broke our trust once or get a divorce from your partner just because he/she has grown fat than they were at the time of marriage :) :) :) Just make sure that you have done all that is possible from your side for the relationship to work, and if it does not just shake hands and separate on mutual terms. It would be highly emabrassing to want a relationship after breaking it :) :) :)  Last but the most important thing is we need to correct our mistakes in the next relationship.

There is no point in regretting, for a life that you haven't led and for the life you have led....

Why I am a Hindu ....

A Hindu was flying from JFK New York Airport to SFO San Francisco Airport CA to attend a meeting at Monterey, CA.

An American girl was sitting on the right side, near window seat. It indeed was a long journey - it would take nearly seven hours.

He was surprised to see the young girl reading a Bible unusual of young Americans. After some time she smiled and we had few acquaintances talk.He told her that I am from India

Then suddenly the girl asked: 'What's your faith?' 'What?' He didn't understand the question.

'I mean, what's your religion? Are you a Christian? Or a Muslim?'

'No!' He replied, 'He am neither Christian nor Muslim'.

Apparently she appeared shocked to listen to that. 'Then who are you?' “I am a Hindu”, He said.

She looked at him as if she was seeing a caged animal. She could not understand what He was talking about.

A common man in Europe or US knows about Christianity and Islam, as they are the leading religions of the world today.

But a Hindu, what?

He explained to her - I am born to a Hindu father and Hindu mother. Therefore, I am a Hindu by birth.

'Who is your prophet?' she asked.

'We don't have a prophet,' He replied.

'What's your Holy Book?'

'We don't have a single Holy Book, but we have hundreds and thousands of philosophical and sacred scriptures,'
He replied.

'Oh, come on at least tell me who is your God?'

'What do you mean by that?'

'Like we have Jesus and Muslims have Allah - don't you have a God?'

He thought for a moment. Muslims and Christians believe one God (Male God) who created the world and takes an interest in the humans who inhabit it. Her mind is conditioned with that kind of belief.

According to her (or anybody who doesn't know about Hinduism), a religion needs to have one Prophet, one Holy book and one God. The mind is so conditioned and rigidly narrowed down to such a notion that anything else is not acceptable. He understood her perception and concept about faith. You can't compare Hinduism with any of the present leading religions where you have to believe in one concept of God.

He tried to explain to her: 'You can believe in one God and he can be a Hindu. You may believe in multiple deities and still you can be a Hindu. What's more - you may not believe in God at all, still you can be a Hindu. An Atheist can also be a Hindu.'

This sounded very crazy to her. She couldn't imagine a religion so unorganized, still surviving for thousands of years, even after onslaught from foreign forces.

'I don't understand but it seems very interesting. Are you religious?'

What can He tell to this American girl?

He said: 'I do not go to Temple regularly. I do not make any regular rituals. I have learned some of the rituals in my younger days. I still enjoy doing it sometimes'.

'Enjoy? Are you not afraid of God?'

'God is a friend. No- I am not afraid of God. Nobody has made any compulsions on me to perform these rituals regularly.'

She thought for a while and then asked: 'Have you ever thought of converting to any other religion?'

'Why should I? Even if I challenge some of the rituals and faith in Hinduism, nobody can convert me from Hinduism. Because, being a Hindu allows me to think independently and objectively, without conditioning. I remain as a Hindu never by force, but choice.' He told her that Hinduism is not a religion, but a set of beliefs and practices. It is not a religion like Christianity or Islam because it is not founded by any one person or does not have an organized controlling body like the Church or the Order, I added. There is no institution or authority..

'So, you don't believe in God?' she wanted everything in black and white.

'I didn't say that. I do not discard the divine reality. Our scripture, or Sruthis or Smrithis - Vedas and Upanishads or the Gita - say God might be there or he might not be there. But we pray to that supreme abstract authority (Para Brahma) that is the creator of this universe.'

'Why can't you believe in one personal God?'

'We have a concept - abstract - not a personal god. The concept or notion of a personal God, hiding behind the clouds of secrecy, telling us irrational stories through few men whom he sends as messengers, demanding us to worship him or punish us, does not make sense. I don't think that God is as silly as an autocratic emperor who wants others to respect him or fear him.' He told her that such notions are just fancies of less educated human imagination and fallacies, adding that generally ethnic religious practitioners in Hinduism believe in personal Gods. The entry level Hinduism has over-whelming superstitions too. The philosophical side of Hinduism negates all superstitions.

'Good that you agree God might exist. You told that you pray. What is your prayer then?'

'Loka Samastha Sukino Bhavantu. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,'
लोका समस्ता सुखिनो भवन्तु !!! ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः !!!

'Funny,' she laughed, 'What does it mean?'

'May all the beings in all the worlds be happy. Let there be Peace, Peace,and Peace every where.'

'Hmm ..very interesting. I want to learn more about this religion. It is so democratic, broad-minded and free' she exclaimed.

'The fact is Hinduism is a religion of the individual, for the individual and by the individual with its roots in the Vedas and the Bhagavad-Gita. It is all about an individual approaching a personal God in an individual way according to his temperament and inner evolution - it is as simple as that.'

'How does anybody convert to Hinduism?'

'Nobody can convert you to Hinduism, because it is not a religion, but it is a Culture, a way of leaving life, a set of beliefs and practices. Everything is acceptable in Hinduism because there is no single Authority or Organization either to accept you or to reject you or to oppose you on behalf of Hinduism.'

He told her - if you look for meaning in life, don't look for it in religions; don't go from one cult to another or from one Guru to the next.

For a real seeker, He told her, the Bible itself gives guidelines when it says ' Kingdom of God is within you.' I reminded her of Christ's teaching about the love that we have for each other. That is where you can find the meaning of life.

Loving each and every creation of the God is absolute and real. 'Isavasyam idam sarvam' Isam (the God) is present (inhabits) here everywhere - nothing exists separate from the God, because God is present everywhere. Respect every living being and non-living things as God. That's what Hinduism teaches you.

Hinduism is referred to as Sanathana Dharma, the eternal faith. It is based on the practice of Dharma, the code of life. The most important aspect of Hinduism is being truthful to oneself. Hinduism has no monopoly on ideas. It is open to all. Hindus believe in one God (not a personal one) expressed in different forms. For them, God is timeless and formless entity.

Ancestors of today's Hindus believe in eternal truths and cosmic laws and these truths are opened to anyone who seeks them. But there is a section of Hindus who are either superstitious or turned fanatic to make this an organized religion like others. The British coin the word 'Hindu' and considered it as a religion.

He said: 'Religions have become an MLM (multi-level- marketing) industry that has been trying to expand the market share by conversion. The biggest business in today's world is Spirituality. Hinduism is no exception'

He said "I am a Hindu primarily because it professes Non-violence - 'Ahimsa Paramo Dharma' means - Non violence is the highest duty. I am a Hindu because it doesn't condition my mind with any faith system.

A man/woman who changes his/her birth religion to another religion is a fake and does not value his/her morals, culture and values in life.

Hinduism is the original rather a natural yet a logical and satisfying spiritual, personal and a scientific way of leaving a life..


Yet another classic from Bala ... At least that's how I perceive this movie "Paradesi" from him ...

It is a raw period film depicting 3 major things
1. Pathetic lifestyle of Tamils and their inability to fight power
2. Cruel British and selfish Indians exploiting common for their well being
3. Cunning missionaries exploiting homeless/brainless people to spread their religion

All three were convincingly depicted by the director, and the cast has done a great job portraying the roles they were asked to do with great perfection.The Tea Estate supervisor and Vedika to me was exceptional. The music to me was not a master piece and may be, just may be Bala lacked his favourite music director for this film. I am sure he is growing too big for Ilayaraja to compose for his movies :) I even believe the choice of Gangai Amaran for a song was because the maestro refused to sing for GV. The songs were pretty ordinary and nothing seems to rhyme in our minds after leaving the screens. The visuals though makes up for everything lost in music and it even makes up for more than that was lost. Though the colour tone was not pleasing to the eyes it did a great justice to the script and bring the rural Tamil Nadu in 1930s to our view. The dialogues were good from what I could understand and I am pretty much sure I would have to watch it few times to get each and every dialogue. It was hilarious in the beginning and makes u feel still in the later part of the movie. It will be very difficult though for A center viewers to appreciate the movie with such difficult dialect ! ! ! But I am sure Bala doesn't give a crap about them :) :) :) More importance could have been given to the looks and I feel there was no continuity when it comes to the hair do of the cast in the movie spanning for more than 5 to 7 years.

The final portion about forcing Christianity was too good and people who claim that they are doing something that has not been done in 75 yrs of Tamil cinema should look at this and stop boasting about what they do. The director has managed to convey exactly what he wanted to in a most simplest and effective way. "Rotti thundukku Alleluia pota kuutam thana" :)  Authenticity on this is always debatable ! ! !
It would even make some staunch followers to sit back and have a hard look at what their beliefs are today and what it was originally few decades back and where they stand because of their inability to question and reason.

Having said all this, I wonder if this is really a good feature film. The contents make a excellent documentary film. There wasn't great deal of effort from the director towards the screenplay and it lacked the punch required to tie all three together. The movie lacked a binding factor and that made it a a little boring.Had the director found a way to make the transition smooth without any hick up he would have scored an absolute winner by a far distance.

In conclusion this movie is completely a director's and it needs or rather demands appreciation from all quarters, No matter if they agree with the content or not ...  :) :) :) Hats off to Balu Mahendra for his students are taking Tamil cinema to the next level literally. He should be a real proud father of his kids like Bala. Only he can make such a Movie.

Nee Thaanae En Ponvasantham

It has been long since I went for a movie on the first day and when I got a chance to watch one I was glad that it was NEPV at Satyam, thanks to Hari for the tickets. This guy GVM can make 10 more romantic movies and still come up with a good script for a romantic movie yet again. Having watched him portray how confused a girl can be in a relationship in VTV  I was wondering what could he do in his next flick, he has impressed coming up with a different approach to relationships in this one. 

I just loved the script for the way it was handled to convey the differences that a relationship can end up in, just because of the high intensity of love that a girl can have and because of the Ego a guy possess. The male ego was conveyed beautifully is a subtle way through the length of the movie. All along it has been the guys going through the pain of love in the screen and it was refreshing to see a girl's perceptive this time around. Samantha has given a commendable performance, one that we will cherish for sometime. I loved her performance in each and every scene of the movie more than her looks and I was damn impressed with her performance in the scene where she gets into her car with a heavy heart in the wee hours after having spent best times of her life with the one she loves.She has portrayed emotions just from her eyes and body language and words seem worthless.

Two other scenes where the director has worked his magic are, the one just before the interval and other is the argument the lead pair has at the Tsunami school sight. The scene just before the interval was a long one and done in a single shot without much camera movement. The lead pair has done a good job in such a long shot, though it would have been better with some close up shots to reveal the pain they go through. The next one at the school sight takes care of that though. The dialogues were so simple and realistic and as always there is lots of English involved and it suited the characters well. I was able to relate to the scene as I have used literally the very same words during an argument :) :) :) 

Nithya : "Varun, Are you asking me to find something for me to be occupied just because you need not feel guilty for not spending time with me :@"
Had a smile hearing this dialogue(not an exact one but something similar)

I guess GVM is damn intelligent to have few women assistants in his team and I am sure they would have helped him shaping up this script. For people complaining about how many times will the lead pair go away and get together yet gain , it can happen and it does happen and happens more in real life to our disliking.As far Santhanam is concerned he was put to use in an optimum level and has managed to get us laughing whenever he comes on the screen.

Coming to the looks of Samantha , she is just gorgeous all through. The nose ring and eye shades was a magical and we (I) can just keeping staring at her pic for 3 hours leave alone the movie :) Special appreciation to the director for continuing his trend of portraying his women with good intellectual brains starting from Reena to Nithya, instead of a charming chatterbox like in so many other movies. 

"Kala rasigan da Gautam...."

I wish I could watch the movie just as I watch Minnalae often, but that is not to be the case and the major reason for that is the pathetic BGM score by the so called Maestro. For all the respect (luv) GVM had for Ilaiyaraja , he has only managed to let him down , and he has let him down big time. Even the songs were not impressive in the movie and the director has failed in choosing the music director for this flick. Had it been ARR the movie would be in a whole different level and he would have got repeat audience for sure. The next big led down is the cinematography. I found it to lack continuity throughout the movie. Somehow the visuals didn't seem to stick to our minds and I found to hard to link the visuals. Too bad the director had to use three different cinematographers and I believe that has spoiled the visuals for him. The other thing that irked me was the voice of the father character. It was a complete mismatch to the Ravi and the audience having heard him before in many movies will find it difficult to connect to character. Having decided to have him to be the decisive factor for the climax of the movie, GVM could have gone with Ravi's original voice or even he himself could have done a far better job. In short GVM has go the execution completely wrong for this wonderful script. 

I personally just loved the movie to the core despite of all this crap .... You will or might feel like hugging your partner when you watch the movie, at least I felt like :) :)  I feel so sad that I will not be able to watch the movie again and I Hope he continues to stick to this genre in the future as well and get the execution right the next time around.

Sundara Pandian

It has been quite a while since I went for a second show, thanks to my age and marriages to most of my friends.... :) The last night's decision to go for one was totally vindicated by the quality of the movie. It is a must watch for someone who can relate to the Madurai life style, others can refrain from the theaters. I am not sure if you guys can really enjoy the movie much. There has been umpteen number of movie based out of Madurai and the list seems to be growing with no halt.

This one starts just like all others with few montage shots of villages and people's lifestyle at a gentle pace with someone narrating about them in a bold heavy voice. And just like any other movie of this genre, we have a happy go lucky protagonist who is a spoilt brat at home and few friends with him always living their life to the fullest ignoring any responsibilities for their age. The characters have you in spilts for almost the entire first half and it has been a while since I laughed this loud hurting my stomach. The last time was when I was watching the great Joey and this time it is the Soori. I hope he gets more opportunities where he travels along with the story and does not get into the idea of doing a track separately. The interesting fact is that most part of the first half is shot in a dabba bus and it somehow does not bore you. I was quite surprised that the director was able to keep his audience occupied throughout the first half which eds with an unusual twist to the story.

The second half is all about family and the director that way ensures a wider audience for his movie. It is all about how the lead pair gets together after many struggles with few twists and turns. One other interesting fact is that the director has managed to pull the script off without any villain. He has built all the characters beautifully and they have in turn have helped him carry forward the story in an interesting way. Special appreciation for keeping them authentic throughout the movie. The Male lead's Dad and the females lead's chitti deserves a special mention and so does the friend who travels with her throughout the story.As for the music is concerned it just helped through and there was nothing that will keep us humming. The photography was good that it has captured the essence of the village and the people there. The shot were they follow the bike riders on a steep road and then show the accident was good. On the whole it is very good movie for which you can take the entire family without any guilt and can enjoy the movie thoroughly.

Last but not the least, It was refreshing to see a girl holding her end of love and being staunch unlike others movies where they throw the guy under the bus. I loved the female lead character and her expressions with the those big cute eyes. It was nice to see a female lead without much make-up and the decision to leave the scar uncovered, and not bothered about how the thilak on her forehead looks was only making her look even more beautiful. Having said this I dont think she can be successful in any other role in a modern look :P

"Madura kara ponnu madura kara ponu thanya"

Sachin who ?????

It was an wonderful evening and I had just returned from school and there was a commotion at my home all glued to the TV set which my dad had bought after a long struggle. Srinath and Banerjee was struggling to get India across the line against England at the Benson and Hedges world cup but failed eventually. That was the first cricket match I ever watched. Never did I know I would turn into an ardent fan of the same sport few years later. Little did I know about Boundary,Sixer and Out and I never understood LBW back then and I have few doubts on that even today ...... :) :) :)

It was 5 A.M, the winter of 1992 and I could still feel the chill of the cement flooring which is my favourite flooring more than the fancy marble and granite ones these days. The lights were on and my entire family was already watching a match between West Indies and India. That was the first and vivid memory of me watching a little fellow walking to the crease to face the mighty pace attack which comprised the likes of Ambrose. The whole crowd made a roaring voice and I was thrilled at the sight of it and woke up to watch this guy. He just scored very little but somehow took a place in my heart for no reason. The other performance that I got to watch was his bowling against Pakistan and few of his strokes against Brandes and this guy had already occupied a considerable part of my thoughts.

It has been 20 years now and he has given me some of the memorable moments of my life. I have always believed that India had a chance no matter what the situation was in the match and was glued to the TV set just to watch this guy bat. I have prayed for the openers to get out to see him bat and that continued till he was promoted to the openers slot. I even hated Kambli for he stole the lime light from Sachin during England's visit scoring back to back 100's. The way he played those straight drives with such command, the way he ran those quick singles with a unique pads from the rest of the lot, the way he shook his shoulders in his interviews and even the way adjusted his abdomen on the crease was awesome to me. I was completely in love with this guy and he was the first one I loved unconditionally. I was not worried about India loosing as long as he scores good and many of my friends shared a similar view except for few patriots..... :) :) :)

It's been an awesome journey and I consider to be lucky being part of his journey all along. Some of the centuries I have loved watching are
134 against Australia helping India qualify for Coca-Cola Cup finals
143 against Australia helping India lift the Coca-Cola Trophy
141 against Pakistan chasing 300 plus at Rawalpindi
175 against Australia chasing 350 odd at Hyd
137 against Srilanka in 1996 world Cup.
111 against SAF in 2012 World Cup.

There have been umpteen other innings which I have admired and adored and I thank god for giving me an opportunity to enjoy this little fellows game right through his peak and also be part his struggle. For me personally it has never been the numbers which has made Sachin an Epitome. His hunger for success and love for the game that helped him come back after major injuries after sacrificing most of his lethal shots like Golf Swing, Straight Drives that caused him a great pain and his ability to score in heaps even after all this. It was the sheer entertainment that he provided all along for each and everyone who loved Indian cricket made him one.

It is the cafeteria at the new facility and there was a whole bunch of fellows consisting of guys from fresher batch, managers, admin staff, guys , girls all were uttering the same prayer and that was for Sachin to score in 100th century. After the 111 he scored against SAF in the world cup round robin matches I was hoping that he would score a century at his home ground and lift the cup, but that was not to be and he had to wait for another day for that milestone. The media then started focusing on this milestone contemplating and describing how great it would be if he gets it at the Mecca of cricket and in the boxing day match against Australia. He had scored pretty decent throughout the season though India had failed pathetically.

He was now playing at the wee end of the innings and there was a maiden over played out against a Bangladeshi bowler. At the other end was Raina who was the leather to all arts of the ground. This little rat took all the time in the world to reach to his personal milestone and finally when he did he just pointed out to the BCCI logo as if he had scored it for the team. That was the first time I hated this hypocrite whom we all have worshiped as a hero all these 20 years. He just proved he was after all a human :( ....... And his decision to give a miss to the function felicitating the Great Wall but attend the one organised by his franchise owners and receive all the buttering from all walks of the celebrity world only made it even worse. I just couldn't buy the doctor appointment as a reason. It was just ridiculous. He was being mean and cheap to his fellow compatriot with whom he had shared many wonderful moments. A sudden change from what I have felt about this guy for almost 20 years, but I am not fickle-minded here. People who is ready to be rational will understand for sure and irrational or rather emotional people will continue hero worship arguing he can be selfish for what he has done for team for 2 decades. All I can do is really have pity on these people and wish they could just analyse and leave their emotions when they do it .....

I wish he plays many more of such innings as he had done before instead of playing for his personal interests. I sincerely wish he does that and bows out as a hero and not as someone who misused his unquestionable reputation compromising teams interests for his own enjoyment of playing the game.


The concept had just always been fascinating to me right from my childhood. Men tonsure mainly for 2 reasons, one when their parents are dead and the other as a sacrifice to god. For women the later is the only reason out here in my part of the world. I have never clearly understood how sacrificing locks of hair can be a sacrifice to god. Nevertheless it does help temple generate income. The only benefit for us is we save time and money  taking care of the hair.

The last time I had tonsured was way back in school and that is when I was forced to do it with no respect to how I felt about. If I remember correctly I had my head shaven for almost every 2 years :( .... I had no clue why I had to do it nor did I get any reason except once when I had done it in Tiruchendur, that one was because my dad had become a diabetic patient and my mom somehow felt offering hair might get down the sugar levels. In fact being a baldy right through my school life had been one of the  factors of me being bullied right through my school life. Even today one of my school friend calls me Mottai :) :) :) It has been ages since and I decided to offer my hair to god in return for a favour that I have been asking him for quite a while. This was the first time that I had taken a decision about tonsuring and having got what I had asked for I held my end of the bargain. I went straight to Tirupati and had my head shaved. It felt so nice when the cold breeze caressed my bald head with ample sandal applied on top of it. Looking at the mirror I have only turned even more terrifying than I was already :)

It actually gave me an opportunity to try different styles of hair do which I would have never done before. Few of my friends even suggested that I try for villain role in the silver screen looking at my photos. Another added advantage that I have is, it is a summer now and I sweat a lot lesser than I usually do and that has saved me from catching cold. I was little embarrassed to say the least with the clean shaven head and I wished to get back my hair at the earliest. I didn't like myself with my head shaven clean.......

In retrospect I only realised that what I did was silly and idiotic. Having been any educated one may be I should have given a little more thought to it than I had done. I have no rights to criticize people doing crazy things in the name of god. What I had done was as stupid as what many do in the name of god. This experience had just thought what a human mind can actually do in dire needs and helped me understand that the stunts people do in the name of god like piercing through their body parts,beating themselves up, walking on a bed of fire is only for them to have a peace of mind and religion has nothing to do with it. As for me I am pretty much sure this will be the last time I am going have my head shaved unless and until I go bald :D :D :D


Fate is something that I don’t believe in, but few things happen and you have no logical reasons to conclude on its occurrence. I had one such experience last year on March the 20th and I still have got no answers why it happened and what actually happened!!! The day which started out fine as any normal day would had an abrupt end after 48 hours giving life changing experience not just for me but for many and still continues to haunt me with questions for which I believe I am never going to find answers or rather get.

Going back in time ICC had opened booking for the IND Vs WI match back and I was not sure if I would be here in Chennai to watch the match though that was my last chance to watch a world cup encounter live with Sachin on the Indian team. So I decided against blocking the tickets but little did I know that I will be watching the same match with couple of my best friends that day. It was the day to pick up the tickets booked online and my friend was there at the stadium and fortunately or unfortunately there was this one ticket available on the same stand which is worth 5000 bucks. He had no money with him so he took the pain to request the counter guy to hold the ticket and walked few 100 meters to pick cash from ATM and got the ticket for me.  I know it is big money and many would curse me for spending the money for a match, but then you get to see the players in a close range. :) :) :) Actually I was cursing myself for buying that ticket for different reason altogether at the end ! ! !

The match was a disappointment for me just for the reason that Sachin was dismissed for 2 but never have I seen a standing ovation for a guy scoring just 2 runs midway of the tournament without him announcing his retirement which I doubt if he will ever do now…. J Nevertheless we had our dinner on the way back and just as I was about to hit the bed thinking the day was finally over I got a call from my friend’s mom who had left the match midway claiming that his mom was sick and he had to take her to the hospital. As it turned out it I was able to figure out that it was a complete lie hearing his mom crying over phone asking me where her son was and what actually happened to him. Here started the enthralling events and it had most of us on the brink for the next 48 hours and it never came to a conclusion for almost a fortnight. To me it hasn't concluded even today and will never .......

My friend was engaged only a few weeks back to his sister's daughter who was 10 years younger than him. Yes these crap still keep happening in our part of the world and the worst part of all is she had scored handsomely in her 12th grade board exams, but was forced to join an arts course just for the sake of getting her married to my friend. Absolutely ridiculous and pity factor is everyone in his family were decently educated and most hols government positions. I lost hope of any change happening in the society in this regard after this incident. Inspite of this all I could think was, who was this girl in his life which made him lie to us. As predicted his mobile was switched off. We started to his house and on the way I tried contacting whomever I know trying to narrow down on his location and at that time of the midnight there was very little help and it was driving me crazy. We all met at the road leading to his house and there we got the call from his mom saying he has reached and I could sense there was a secret yet to be known and his attempt asking us to go back only increased the curiosity and we went to his home only to find that he is to be married the next morning to some other girl whom he can’t stand and will even commit suicide if it was ever to happen. We were flabbergasted, dumb stuck, speech less, stunned and what not.  The next 48 hours was the most grueling one I have ever spent and will remain so till I start talking about my own marriage at home which is not too far away :) :) :) 

The thought of my friend having cheated was nothing short of someone running a heated knife right through my heart. It may be dramatic but that’s the way I felt and I am yet to sink in. There were cries all over his home, so called plans and tips to bring them back to their native safely without being caught by goons just like they do in movies. There were calls from people whom we have never met or rather never even know about their existence until that moment black mailing us and threatening us, life was all over the place and we could never figure out what exactly happened that day. It just continued for another 2 weeks before we had this news of the issue coming to an end the way we never wanted it to finish. It was all over now and my friend  whom we all thought was a good decision maker was there sitting silent just a coward girl letting this happen to him and little did we could when someone is that defenseless.

There are these events in life that you wish had never happened and few persons that you wish you had never met and few questions you wish you had an answer to, but then it happens in your life and just stays part of you for the rest of your life. There is nothing much you can do about it. All we can do is, just accept the fact and get along instead of thinking over why it happened and what would the answer!! ! ! I know it is easier said than done for I have not done it and I am sure I will never be able to do it. It has been a year now and the feeling stays the same for me even though many have moved along with the life and have accepted what has actually happened. Though I have tried my best to move along I still hold a huge grudge and have umpteen question that needed answering. I wish I can be like the rest  :) :) :) 


I know it is too late to talk about this fabulous sitcom but for most part of the last 2 months it has occupied most of my time even when things were getting very busy around. I was completely addictive to it that it made me watch it whenever I lost sleep even at the wee hours. Th first time I got to know about Friends was way back in college and people were going gaga about this. Most of the celebrity's answer to the question "What your favourite TV show" was Friends. So I did give it a try to watch couple of episodes back then and to be honest I didn't understand most part of it. What was even more interesting was the whole crowd was laughing then and there and I looked an idiot watching it :). There ended my quest to watch the famous sitcom. May be had I watched with sub-titles it might have helped a little but I doubt even that as I realise now that most of the jokes are purely timing.

I happened to watch the same sitcom after 6 years in Star World and now for some reason I was able to follow most part of it even without sub-titles !!! I just couldn't resist myself and started downloading the entire seasons going beyond my apprehensions to use Torrent. Now having complete all the seasonit was entirely worth it and I couldn't stop raving about the series. Everything was special in the show, the main 6 characters which are built with wide difference among them,celebrity episodes,equal screen presence for all characters and a practical approach to portray normal people's life in New York city. Who would have imagined A Geek , A Control Freak, A Play Boy, A Spoilt Child, A Weirdo and A Half Gay 6 put together will give us a series that's going to stand class apart from the rest and a trend setter for decades to come. Even the part time characters like Gunther, Janice were equally good and made us laugh enough to remember them :) Of all the celebrity episodes with Clooney,Van Dame,Sean,Bruce I personally liked the thanksgiving episode with Brad Pitt.

As the show progressed I seriously wished I could have such a life just like how those people had. They had their tough times but still managed to stay happy with their friends. And fa relationship is over if there was one fight it was nice to see people fighting and getting back together so often and still have fun keeping all those baggage apart. Among the characters I like Joseph the best. He has you in splits no matter what he does with all his stupidity and happy go lucky approach to his life.My favourites in the show by order will be
Phoebe and for some reason I hate this girl Monica and it only grew during the finals few seasons.

How you dhoing ?? will be the best dialogue of all  :D :D :D :D :D :D I wished that the show never ends just like many and it would be great if they can make a movie with all together for one last time.

One thing you can learn from the show leaving apart all the laughter is

"No one is perfect, but if you can see through all the imperfections of person you are sure to have a great time with them."

Mayakkam Enna

To put it simple ... One selfish,drunkard, psychic husband with a equally psychic wife if not more and a bunch of so called friends along with a trendy modern dad and a sister makes Mayakkam Enna. The movie was one hell of a dis-appointment and I curse myself that I missed a wonderful test match for this @#$%^&. use your imagination. :D

I seriously want to understand where Selva gets inspiration for such creation. I really pity Sunder of all the characters in the movie for obvious reasons. I am sure there is no such idiot in real world or at least I hope so. Yamini, cold and calculated who uses her date to win her man. Impressive stuff and the way the crazy girl defends her man in the car after the reception though looked nice on screen was ridiculous. I am sure it makes no sense to be with a man who is molesting and man handling her. Defending him is in a different league and I would never understand why anyone would want to do that. I would suggest girls not to be inspired to any extent by that scene. I don't know how long these people are going to project women in such mean way.

People who is going to argue that it was the accident which made Karthick do all the stuff he did please understand that if he can rationally think about the kid he killed in Yamini's womb and push her for sex he can do everything rationally. It is just that he is so obsessed with his passion and affected by the failure and unfair deal he go that he lets everyone around affected and disturbed. As for the friends are concerned I think I am yet to be matured to appreciated these kind of relationship. I don't even think if we can call them friends. May be they are acquaintances with benefits. What kind of benefits is only known to the director :D

The tagline for the movie was good one"Follow your Heart"....But Selva missed the trick of adding another line to it "Carry your brains with it".The climax was a little bit emotional which we have seen throughout the existence of Tamil industry with the huge flaw in the time frame defined. Overall it is a not movie worth spending 3 hours of our time.

Yamini's Eyes were glowing throughout the movie and I liked that facet of her a lot.

Just for Laughs

Strauss:Hey MSD u must know that the edge to the Slip by Bell was not intentional.
Dravid:Yeah...How we will feel if Sachin or VVS or Me had edged and we are caught.
Indian Team:Oh no...(Everyone feels bad...)
MSD:Ok I guess in the Spirit of game we should bring back Bell.
Strauss:Thanks Gentlemen
In England Dressing room....
Strauss : That's unbelievable ... I never thought Indians are this stupid ... Mate go score a Double century, I believe these idiots doesn't tour us for another 3 yrs or so .... :D :D :D
The whole team laughs and Bell chuckles" I know I was naive but not as naive as the Indian team..."


It was a time when One rupee meant a lot and people were happy with the treat that we have in the Bhaji stalls and Tuck Shops where it generally costs us 10 rupees or less for almost 6 people.I still remember flavoured or rather coloured ice cubes sold in plastic tubes for just 50 paise and 75 paise. There was even a variant for 60 paise which tasted a lot better than the other two. Interestingly it was named PEPSI and that was the way before we knew about the actual Pepsi. Vimal was the leading manufacturer of this Pepsi and I tried my best to get a picture of the same without much luck.

It was Sports Day for us and teachers made sure that everybody from the lower classes participated at least in one event. I just came to the ground from school in school van and I didn't know who will take me back to home that day. We didn't know much about the houses except for the fact that we wore different colour dresses or about the points awarded for each and every event or about the trophy my house captain will hold at the end of the event. We were split into teams of 10 and our objective was simple take the small balls for one circle to next in steps and do it in quick time. We were completely ignorant of the consequences and it was total fun. I remember I was in green house standing in the second half of the team and I have no clue who was in my team or even the opposition that day. The circles were placed in the track and there was a huge crowd awaiting us at the end of the last circle. At the blow of the whistle we started our routine and people were clapping and shouting like crazy. It was my turn and I finished placing all the balls in the intended circle and ran to the end. I was just clapping for the other members of my team hoping that we would come first.

The race was done and it was total chaos and I didn't know who won. There was this hand in that crowd which pulled me and handed over a 50 paise Pepsi. It was melt completely and once I split it open I was able to empty it in seconds which would have taken at least 10 minutes back then. It smelled and tasted weird didn't know carcinogens brought that effect. Recollecting the event today I am now able to realise the love my mom had for me. She was too excited and she didn't even know if I had won or not. She had come all the way from my home to pick me up walking almost 2kms in hot sun. She is not that educated and probably didn't know how Pepsi was going to taste once it melts down. All she had in mind was to get something cold for her son to have after the event. It was ignorance and love at it's best. I don't have half of the love what she had or have for me. I have no clue why is that so but then I have this feeling that I should probably should do what I can do the best to keep her happy within my limits.... :)

The reason that made me recollect this event is yet another Ignorance and Love at it's best bringing me masala idlies hoping that I would eat them hot in front of my office which is highly polluted and is the most in appropriate place to have. By the time I got to the idlies it was dry and close to in edibility but still it was full of love or rather stupid love :D I hope I am blessed to have it throughout my life.


Two months of World Cup and now almost one month of IPL has managed to keep me glued to the TV sets in the weekends. The reason is not because I was so interested in watching the matches but because of the fact that there was no one to release any films for the past 3 months or so :( .... Finally "KO" was released few weeks back and It was very difficult to find tickets in all the multiplexes and finally I ended up booking in Devi complex. There was a huge expectation on the movie thanks to the songs which were topping the charts already. "Ko" in short is not a classic one but for sure you would find very little to keep you away from the movie. Simbhu for sure has missed a trick in refusing to take up project. May be he is following his favourite hero is rejecting good scripts... :)

It is a complete commercial entertainer with a clichéd story set in a different backdrop with new characterisations. The director should be appreciated for staying away form an exclusive comedy track as we find in most of the commercial movies today. That way the flow of the movie was not disturbed. The same cant be said about the songs though. It is sad to see that even good songs can stop the flow of the story considerably. Placement of the song "Vennpaniyae" could have been altered. If there is no reason that would make me go back to theatres would the cinematography and the locations of the song.

The story was well narrated  though there were few loopholes which were not explained till the end.The way present day politics was brought out was exceptional and I appreciate the producer who has refrained from deleting those scenes :) Of course the story is a fantasy and is no way closer to reality even for a considerable future. All the characters in the movie played their part to perfection and the character Saro needs a special mention as she keeps the audience light hearted in the intense story narration. The female lead has height to her advantage. I cant think of anything else special about her. Many think her eye brows were good but I had an opposite opinion on that. The male leads were perfect and has done a fabulous job throughout the movie especially Vasanthan which had more scope for acting than Ashwin.

The movie on the whole can be watched once for sure. Kudos to the entire team for meeting the huge expectations and K.V. Anand is turning out to be a successful commercial director without any kuthu songs :) 

Selections .....

So far I have had 5 of my friends get married this year and few more are planned in the near future. Not to mention the umpteen number of friends who are in a desperate hunt for a life partner. This seems to be the most discussed topic these days no matter where we go and it is the same even when I talk with my family members. Now I realise that I am growing older and older and it is the perfect age for my friends to get married and it is high time for girls of my age.

The selection process for a life partner varies to a great extent from each and every individual. Parents have a different criteria while children have a completely different criteria or rather contradicting ones. I would be highly surprised if people are able to find a perfect life partner after passing through both the filters. From what I have seen and heard so far Religion,Caste,Creed, and Horoscope is the first filter in selection process. There is little compromise on these when it comes to arranged marriage. It's a shame that needs to be accepted. Pushing this aside there have been few peculiar expectations I came across like one girl wanted to know the fitness regime of the guy she intend to marry. Though the expectation is a practical one it sounded weird.

Most of the rejections from the brides are based purely on salary cap and work location which these days have been a major factor and when it comes to guys the rejections have been mostly due because of the external beauty. Guys are always guys :) We are never going to change. While the previous has a scale to measure the later is totally left to the person's discretion and one can never draw a scale for that. It is pretty difficult for the parents and guys to have similar taste when it comes to the beauty.

I have seen my share of girls getting married to guys settled in USA. The reasons can be debated and I remain a stranger about them till date. I have even seen a profile where the expectation column had nothing but the salary and work location mentioned. I was literally flabbergasted to see a profile which read something like below "I would like a partner with a good job earning handsome salary in the following countries 
a. USA
d. New Zealand"

I don't want to pen down my perceptions here as it might not sound rosy and will even offend many who pursue their masters with sponsorship from their better half :) I have heard my own friend from college who has settled in USA for close to 4 years saying  "Dei I am more than willing to sponsor for her course da. Vera enna machi panna mudiyum. Illati ponnu kudukka maatanga machi. :D It is after all part and parcel of the marriage deal." Few others are very particular in making sure that that they don't have to live with their in-laws and they convey it with a high degree of diplomacy and not point blank.... :) Some even define that living with in-laws to be a joint family. It sounded ridiculous but couldn't help it either it is all because the family structure these days which is getting more and more nuclear these days. I would prefer rather want to live with my parents and in-laws in the same house which I believe will be the perfect way, but that has got it's own complications. :)

I am sure everyone these days are very clear on what they are looking for in their life partners. It is good to see many sticking to their expectations and waiting for their right one. But at the same time I also feel that we have to make some compromise at some point of time. It would be good for us if we can appreciate the imperfections in people and get along with the life instead of being stubborn. It is damn difficult to find partner matching our expectations to an exact measure.

It is always better to bend rather than break.

Frantic 50 minutes.....

It was a Saturday and I was to travel to Yercaud for my friend's engagement late that night. The train was scheduled to leave at around 11 PM. It was just six in the evening, so I decided to take a nap for a while before I pack. Packing is always done at the last minute for my travel no matter where I travel and what the purpose is ... :)  As I was just getting into sleep I had a flash of a thought about the file that I got from my college on an ill-fated convocation day. Pity that my grey cells failed to recollect where I had placed it, after taking few photo copies of all the certificates. The thought of taking a nap just vanished away, my brain was working as fast as it has ever been, trying to recollect where I had placed the file with little luck :( ....

I had the experience of loosing my passport once before and I could still feel the pain I had to go through to get a new one. This time it was all the mark sheets right from 10th std to my UG certificate which also included Community Certificate and few others. I just couldn't stand the thought of having to apply for duplicates for that was lost ones. Standing in long queues in the government offices, bribing for each and every and everything, time it would take to get them back, facing the negligent attitude from all the government employees, and not to mention the procedure to obtain a certificate from the police for the lost file. All these thought were haunting me to a great extent. It was a humongous task which was highly impossible to pull off without going through the back doors :( ....

I ransacked the entire house 3 or 4 times in a gap of  just 15 minutes and was still left with no hope of finding the file. I was trying my best to stay calm and composed as much as possible but was sweating like a pig because of the tension deep within me :) As my mind raced on what can be done next some intuition prompted me to check my office locker as I did carry the file for some purpose to the office. I decided to go ahead and started my bike as I received a call from my dear friend Prudhvi after a very long time. It had been ages since we spoke but I was in no position to have a conversation with him at that moment. I tried to convey him the chaotic situation on hand but the poor line made me dial few times only to hear a voice instructing some crap in Finnish.

I chucked the phone call for the moment and started racing towards my office. Saturday traffic didn't help my cause forcing me to jump most of the signals ignoring the policemen standing there to pounce on the violators and also all the calls from my friend. Not to mention the number of risky maneuvers I had to attempt on the way. It took me about 25 minutes to reach my building which was great considering the traffic on the way. In a frantic attempt I reported about the lost file
on my way to the 8th floor where our office was located, to the security officers in the building. I was offering prayers like never before as I do in difficult times in the lift till I reached my cubicle. As I opened the locker there was nothing but disappointment in front of me  :( All I could find was few papers and an empty box. I took a sulking ride back home and I was completely shaken by this whole thought of having to go through the pain of getting my duplicates. The worst part of all is facing the police for a NOC for the lost file.

I reached home after preparing my mind to accept the fact that the file was lost with great difficulty. I started arranging all the stuff that was strewn all over the place in my attempt to find the file. I was half way through with the stuff when I found the file in the very same locker sticking to it's wall. I couldn't figure out how that had happened but I took a huge a sigh of relief and went back to call my friend. We spoke for almost an hour then, taking it from where we had left the last time and it was good talking to him as always after quite a while :)  I packed for the trip at the last minute as usual and left home just in time to catch the train .... :) I never had the chance to take the nap I wanted to before the travel finally :)

They say sky diving , bungee jumping to be thrilling,exciting and brings in an adrenaline rush. I say lose your all certs and you will know what an adrenaline rush is really like :)

What was in his mind ????

It was yet another lunch break and we were standing in a long queue, for the lunch was delayed due to heavy rains that day. There was this girl who was new to the company and was standing at a foot's distance away from us. She had a glowing skin,silky hair flowing like a wave over her sleeves with cute little eyes and looked just like an angel in a bright white plain salwar.Obviously I was staring at her and only at her :) Little did I notice of another guy standing in front of her neatly dressed in perfect formals. That was for a company which does not insist on a dress code. Only then I realised that there was a recruitment drive happening that day and the written tests were just completed. Having realised the fact, I was so concerned that I may not see the girl around in future.

Then came the tough act of having the same SRM (Sambar,Rasam,More which is nothing but buttermilk) yet again. As the caterers started arranging them in the respective slots before serving, the sambar can which was completely filed tumbled and they spilt it over on the floor. The guy I mentioned earlier had to take few steps back to avoid any havoc before getting into the interview. Unfortunately he bumped into the beautiful girl accidentally. As he apologised and walked away I was startled by the girl's reaction. She just mumbled the words indecent fellow and gave him a dirty look as though he had committed a sin. He walked away with his head drooping for no mistake of his.She didn't even bother acknowledging his apologies. She was cursing him the entire time she was standing in the queue. I felt sad for that guy and was lost trying to understand they way she reacted.

We settled down in a table adjacent to the one where she was sitting alone still mumbling something. Discussion that day revolved a lot around that girl and what had happened few minutes before in the queue. One of my friends exclaimed "Man she is such a gorgeous one da". Another replied "Machi vetti bandha da. Yevlo Alagha irundhalam evalavu scene kudumbathukku  agaathu machi". We burst into laughter on that comment and that continued for another 30 odd minutes. We enjoyed the discussion more than the lunch as always. I wish she didn't hear what we were discussing that day.

I was done for the day and was heading home after a tiring day. I had to take a share auto to the station from where it took another 30 minutes to reach my place. The worst part of the travel is the share auto where you have to share a ride with anyone and everyone. We can never see anyone sitting that close anywhere else. I always prefer sitting next to driver just to avoid the congestion at the back. The only Auto in the stand was completely filled and I had to a take a seat at the back that day. As I entered the auto there was the same girl whom I saw in the morning sitting already in a discomfort next to some guy. I had no choice but to ask her to move a little bit and squeeze my huge frame into the available space. I settled down for the 5 minute ride and while trying to place my hand comfortably I had to put it on the guy sitting next to her. You know how difficult to travel in a share auto :( ....

As I turned to apologize to that guy I couldn't control smiling. The guy sitting next to her was none other than the same guy she insulted back at the office. He was on his mobile talking to someone with a smile in his face and she must be cursing the share auto ride for obvious reasons. I was ................... Does it really matter how I felt at that moment. I seriously wanted to know how the other guy felt at the moment. ! ! ! That remains a mystery till date :) :) :)  Life is highly unpredictable.

PS : No offence intended to any girl out there. It was just a incident that I came across in my life :)


I have been in Chennai for almost a decade now and this is the first time I stayed back for the New Year. I know it sounds weird but that's the fact. I make sure that I always go to my native Madurai for the new year and I attend midnight mass in a church close to my house. This has been the routine right from 12th standard for some reason and I continued with that :)

So having decided to stay back I somehow wanted to go somewhere for the new year celebrations instead of sleeping at my home and after lots of confusion we ended up paying close to 2000 bucks for a night at the Radisson in the GST road. That was the cheapest and safest considering our residents. As we entered the hall there was nothing spectacular. We started of with the food and that was the best part of the night for me. They had a wide choice which included kerala style fish and few other continental dishes of which a desert made out of rum and brownie was yummy. Being a foodie the purpose for me was already served even before the celebrations started :)

As we started having our food there was this guy who started of the celebration with some simple games which were quite familiar to us and the only different thing here was that all old people played in front of the entire crowd. There were few intimidating games and it was a common sight to see husbands kissing and hugging their wives in front of the crowd which I believe is quite a culture in these places these days and I was not startled by any of these but few were. I could see them looking with an awe the way people behaved in front of the crowd. I was just wondering how my parents or for that matter even my sisters would feel had I brought them with me for this celebrations. For sure it would have ruined a nice day for me :)

Most among the crowd were people from the upper class or the upper middle class people with an apt outfit for the occasion and they looked so among the crowd. The dads and husbands found nothing odd with the length of the dress theirs kids or wives wore which would have irked common people for sure. They just got along with the celebrations and it gave an indication that this was yet another New Year party for them unlike us and another bunch of bachelors in the corner of that room.  Everyone was playing and enjoying each and every moment there and danced their way into new year 2011 with great joy. It was a memorable night for me too as that was the first New Year party I have ever been in my life.

But there was this section of crowd who were so stuck to their orthodox attitude and were trying their level best to look normal among this high class crowd. I assume that they have come just on the compulsion of their husbands and few even tried playing and dancing with sarees and it is obvious why it has a special mention here in the post. Few were even drinking in front their small kids and that's the only thing startled me on the night. They looked so lost in this world and were just trying their best to imitate what others were doing. I don't understand why would they want to do it in first place. They somehow think that it adds some brand value to them but it is worth nothing. It is always best to be what you are and what you feel.

I really feel sad for all those who are just trying to be an !@#$% when they are actually not one.

My First Attempt

Nirmal : Halloooo ... Whoo is this ? (in a frustrated tone)

Swetha : Hey this is Swetha …. Hmmm……

Nirmal: (Super Excited and completely out of sleep) Heyyyy ... Happy Birthday ... :)

Swetha:  ya thnx man ….

Nirmal: having a blast with your friends  ??? 

Swetha: ya just done with the cake cutting …..somehow felt a little weird not to find ur msg on phone by 12 ... Don't know why ! ! !

Nirmal: hmmm.... hey have a blast ... catch u sometime …. Take Care... See You ... (Hangs with a heavy Heart)

Swetha: hmm.... Ya Bye...

Dei machi it is already 6:30 ..Walking polaiya da nee ??? He wakes up just to realize that the conversation was just a dream. Hmmm … Good it happens at least in dreams .. J As he was getting out of the bed he heard his friend screaming from the other room ... " Machan you had a call around 12 da. I tried waking you up with no luck... It was from an unknown number so just left it unanswered.

Apadiya  ! ! ! He was still feeling sleepy and checked his phone to find a call missed and an unread message. Unable to figure out the identity of the number he just got into the message folder to find a new message again from the same unknown number …. And it read “Hey was waiting for ur msg which never came :) enna flata nethu night? “ with time displayed as 12:03 AM .
5 years back…

It has been almost few weeks since Nirmal joined this college in Chennai and he was really excited about the fact that there were quite a number of figures for him to hit on though he was not capable of doing :) Well being from a remote place like Trichy there is no wonder that he is a little hyper to be in this college. He was enjoying each and every moment of his college life sitting behind the most beautiful girl in the entire college.

It was after a couple months did he take notice of this girl who was not that beautiful as many other girls in his college, she was a little fat but still he fell for her without any reason. Though it sounds clichéd that’s the way it was. He really had no reasons whatsoever. She was cute with those glittering ear drops and the complete black salwar suited her complexion to perfection. May be she was looking that way because he admired her a lot :) but his world was in standstill for now and it was that way for the next 4 years.

Fortunately she was in the same class as he was but that didn’t help him in getting to know her better which he always wanted to do. He at times got a few chances to talk to her and at other times he created a few chances to talk to her and he would cherish each and every moment he spent with her though not many for the rest his college life.

In one of the few interval break he got to talk with her ......

Nirmal : Hey Swetha …. Howz ur headache ????  are you okay now …..

Swetha: Ya ya I am okay now .... feeling a lot better .... Everybody calls me sweety why don’t you do the same....

Nirmal: Swetha sounds a lot better to me ... freeya vidu .... seri did u go to the doctor ???? 

Swetha: No no just took a paracetamol and that did the trick .... :) 

Nirmal: hmmm ... try avoiding self prescription it is not that good you know .... 

Swetha: atha vidu .... seri assignment panitiya ???

Nirmal: aiyo havent even thought about it ... what abt you ???? Let me know once u are done I will take a copy of it ... :) 

Swetha: Ada paavi ... seri tharen... aana konjam modify pannittu apram copy edu seriya ... illa adhuvum naanae unakku panni tharanuma ! ! ! ?

Nirmal: no no ... I will take care of that .... edhu kuda pannalana apram enna engineering sollu :) :) :) 

Swetha: Nasama po ... talk of the devil and there she is .... prabha saniyaen varudhu lets get in and sleep :) 

Nirmal : hmmmm .... ok ok .. lets go ...

This was one of their conversations and others were no different from this either during the 3 years of college life. They were a good acquaintance I should say and it stayed like that till the last day of the college. He never got the guts to ask her out nor had the luck to be her friend. He was always happy to see her from a distance and he enjoyed it being that way. If not for the little slam book none apart from his close friends would have ever known the feelings he had for her including she herself. He still wants to get to know her better like he always has done.

At present ....

Nirmal: Hey wish u a happy birthday…. Howz life??? Sorry I missed ur phone number… I lost my mobile last week….

Swetha: That’s ok… you generally wish me at 12 with an SMS right so was expecting the same this yr too….Thnx by the way …. I am good … howz you?

Nirmal: Not bad ….. Had a blast last night?

Swetha: Yeah it was great… My fiancé had come over to my home and we had a great time with all family members…… I am in a hurry now… catch u later ….

Nirmal: Oh great …. Have fun … see u …bye…

It is still the same even after 5 yrs of college life. Nirmal still relishes each and every little moment that he had spent with her though they are not many. His mind knows what he did and is doing is total crap. But then his heart still loves what he does and that is all it matters when it comes to ….. hmm….  ! ! ! 

Happy New Year 2011

It has been 5 years since I started blogging and somehow I have never blogged at the end of a year about what had the whole year in my life. This year has been an interesting one in my life though it is short of many instances worth mentioning. The best one is that I decided to take a new path in life when it came to professional life. I decided to give away the chance to travel abroad for a long term and instead decided to move away from the company I had worked for close to 5 years for some personal reasons. I got one of the best send off from my friends. It was really a memorable day that I had spent with all my friends in the company staying till 10’o clock on the last day. It was a moment to cherish. :)  

June 14th marked the day of new beginning in our lives, we started off a school which has been my father’s long time dream. I couldn’t thank each and every person who had contributed to the cause of starting that school. The list goes long and not many are into the web world so I refrain from mentioning names here J we have only around 30+ students learning at present and I am sure we have a very long way to go before we can call that project to be a successful one. But for now I believe it is good start to the new path I had mentioned earlier in the blog. It is kind of nice to see the kids learning and feels good when you realize that you are in some way contributing to the growth of the society. It is completely a different satisfaction you get than what you get spending your hard earned money in one of the Top restaurants or Resorts or some multiplexes. The place is filled with clean and fresh air and I am just waiting for the day to go there and start leading a life at a pace few times slower than what I have right now. Well it has its own equal share of problems like generating fund for the project and trying to bring in students. I have been trying to sell the house which we have living for 25 years for this purpose without much luck. I hope I can do it ASAP in the New Year. :) 

I have been working (testing) on a flagship feature for my company and it has been a tough job for the past 9 months or so with all the dynamics around. The toughest part of all is handling the feature all by me with no one to get you out when you fall into trap. It has been a different working environment from my previous company not to mention that the domain is completely different from what I was working for the past 5 years. On the whole it has been a challenging environment to work and I have had a great experience doing it and have learnt quite a lot after joining the company. I have made very minimal friends here in the new company for some reason!!! I am still trying out to figure what that is ? It may be because, there aren’t many who is in the same boat as I am in any aspect of life :)  I hope I continue doing the best I can do here in the new company.

I entered a phase in my life where everyone is getting really busy with their lives including me and we friends hardly get time to meet each other. Still we have managed to go for few trips they were really a great time I have had this year. Most of my friends have either got engaged or have got married and it has become really difficult for them to find time for friends. One of my best friends had become a father this year and congrats to him on this achievement :)  Best of luck to all others who have entered wedlock or getting ready enter the same. The rest are in the process of finding a partner for them and I wish them good luck on finding a partner of their liking. I assume it is called wedlock for some reason. As far as I am concerned I am hoping to get into the same lock ASAP :) 

It is a New Decade in another few days and I wish you all have a prosperous life ahead. 
Wish you all a Happy New Year 2011........


I guess we should restrict the usage of the word thalaivaa.....
kandakanda naayellam thalaivaa solranuga ! ! ! 

Hero Worship has been an integral part of this society for quite a long and at times it has even shaped up in a ridiculous way. It has scaled new heights in the past few months , thanks to the science fiction movie screened across the globe. The  movie was a very good attempt in Tamil Industry and the director has to be applauded for the attempt and the pains the entire team went through in making of the movie. I recently got a mail claiming that few tens of people had walked on their knees to the temple on top of a hill offering prayers for the success of the movie. Why would they even do this ????? Doubting the authenticity of the mail I tried searching few news articles only to surprised as it turned out to be true.... To be honest I was flabbergasted and felt pity on those brainless idiots.

It is completely a senseless act and I wonder if they will do the same for a friend of theirs even when they are in grave danger. I bet not many from those bunch will have an yes as an answer to this question. I still have no clue as to why someone would indulge themselves in such an act, just for an entertainer who is in no way related to them except for a little more than 2 hours every time they spend their money to watch him in silver screen. ! ! !  Many personify these entertainers to be leaders which they are not, instead of treating them as just entertainers who make them happy for just few hours.

At times this reaches some heights which many would regret in future. That would include pal abhishegam , archanai , aaraathi with sudam not for the person but for the poster. I feel really bad, for liters of milk go waste in the process. In a generation where these are questioned when performed for God himself by so many social activists what would these people get by wasting their time and money over someone. I am sure there are many better ways to show their love. There was another article by a fan pouring out his frustration on his so called leader for he was not able to see him on his birthday. He claimed to have travelled quite some distance just to convey his wishes but failed as he never got to meet the person. He went to the extent of questioning the attitude of the actor for not spending time with his fans on his Birthday. What he should understand is the actor is yet another  common man and he would want to spend time with his family on his Birthday.

Well even I do go for first day first show but that’s just for the entertainment and it does not mean that I adore him. All it means is that I just admire him and that’s the way we should be treating them. The only thing that comes as comfort is that the present generation is slowly but definitely moving away from Hero Worship. Gone are the days when people appreciated any crap if done by someone they love a lot. People appreciate good work these days without any biasing and that’s really a welcome sign. I hope this continues to grow and we can have an health films getting released instead of commercial entertainers. ... ! ! !